The Ever After

The fundamentals of effective advertising are rooted in storytelling. Flash-mob pageantry and slickster buttontry can only carry a brand so far. Lasting marketing, marketing that matters, connects via an authentic narrative. It’s about stunning design meets a smart story and they live happily ever after. In the lavish castle of consumers’ hearts.

Marketer Hat. Storyteller Wand.

Twenty-years as an advertising copywriter + master’s degree in creative writing and liter-ature. Strategy + story. Concept + character. Function + flair. Cosmic + human. Missions + marvels. Mind-blowing + bone fide. Psychology + Anthropology. Bird + chirp. Hat + Wand. You get where this is going.

Words and I, We Go Way Back

I’ve worked on marble-foyer clients and humble start-ups; at big and small shops; for smart and really smart people. I’ve been pulled in to reimagine new brands from the ground up and to resuscitate dying campaigns. I’ve authored brand books and mantras, TV spots and speeches, coffee-roaster websites and pie menus, banners and blasts. All the while, just happy to be mixing it up with twenty-six legendary letters.

Advertising Awards

Communication Arts
PRINT Magazine
US Ad Review

Fiction Publications & Awards

Glimmer Train
Cincinnati Review
American Literary Review
Chattahoochee Review
Mississippi Review
Tampa Review
Cream City Review
River Styx
AGNI online
Ruminate Magazine
Passages North; and more.

Winner of the Cincinnati Review Fiction Prize
William Van Dyke Fiction Prize
American Literary Review Fiction Prize, and
Waasmode Fiction Prize.